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Tsega MacDonald

Tsega MacDonald

Founder My eCare

The inspiration behind My eCare is my friend Emma and her care needs. A few years ago Emma was involved in a horrific car accident that resulted in her being paralyzed. The accident took Emma’s mobility however it didn’t take her love of travel, and fierce independence. Last summer Emma and I were thinking of planning a trip to New York. Now Emma’s friends and I can help her with transfers, day-to-day transportation around town but we cannot help her with her more intimate medical needs. And at the end of the day Emma doesn’t necessarily want her friends to, she and so many people in her situation want to keep their independence and privacy. We contacted home care agencies, hospitals, in search of trying to book an individual to come help us. It was impossible. No company currently connects travelers with disabilities with caregivers in their travel destinations.

That is how My eCare was started. My eCare was created to solve this exact problem for over 4.4 million Canadians that require some level of care.

My eCare strives to promote independence, and provide superior care one client at a time.

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