Care on The Go

We know travel is for everyone regardless of disability, let us make travel carefree

Care on the go is the ability to schedule care for yourself or a loved during travel or medical trips. My eCare understands that our lives are incredibly busy and finding care is often a challenge, and when finding care away from your home the challenge is magnified. We have taken the guesswork out of finding care in your destination city.

Nursing visits

We offer a wide range of qualified caregivers you pick the time, care needed, and care giver that you feel comfortable with

Care is personal; let us personally connect you to licensed practitioners. When care is so personal we don’t leave finding the right match between caregiver and client up to chance. We ensure that we partner you with the most qualified caregiver for your care needs.

Post-op Care

We offer medical and household help after day surgery or more complex surgeries, whatever your care needs are let us tailor specialist services for your needs

Care encompasses numerous different life obstacles this includes post-op care. If you need a caregiver to help with bandage removal, medication assistance, pharmacy runs, grocery help, or the many things you can no longer do on your own during your recovery.


The right medical equipment is necessary for everyday ease and travel, let us deliver the medical equipment you need right to your door or vacation destination

The proper medical equipment can transform an individual’s day from difficult to accessible. We want to ensure that travel is possible by providing our medical rental services. If you need a beach wheel chair in Vancouver, or an all weather walker in Calgary, or an oxygen tank in Toronto we will ensure that all equipment requested is waiting for you in your destination city.

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